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Medium: Acrylic on canvas 

Dimention: 89 x 113 cm 

Year: 2010

© Maisoon Al Saleh


The story behind the artwork: 


Throughout the years, the image of the skull has been related primarily to morbid images of poison and danger. Yet through her first solo exhibition, Emirati artist Maisoon Al Saleh is determined to reveal the skull’s other side and connotation. The work that makes up Al Saleh’s solo exhibition The Bright Side of the Bones demonstrates how bones and remains can tell a story far beyond age and gender: they carry a person’s entire life, which man cannot see with his naked eye; and they reflect the imperceptible colors that reveal life within a painting’s dominant blacks and whites.

Through Al Saleh’s paintings, people are brought back to life with brush strokes; and with dedication, examination and scientific view, Al Saleh visualizes human life and the array of diseases, diets, religious beliefs, genetic connections, class structure and conflicts that we face in our daily lives.


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