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Title: Sun-kissed Rainfall

Medium: Digital artwork Printed on Plexi glass and laminated with Dibond at the back and an Aluminium channel to easily fix or hang the artwork on the wall.

Edition of 10

Dimension: 50  x 50 cm 

Year: 2024


Artist statement: 

In the wake of the UAE’s heaviest rainfall in 75 years, I found myself captivated by the raw beauty and transformative power of nature. As an artist, I was inspired to translate this awe-inspiring event into a series of artworks that convey the emotional and visual resonance of the experience.

Through a harmonious fusion of colors, primarily blue and yellow, my series “Sunlit Showers” seeks to evoke the essence of this extraordinary phenomenon. Blue, representing the vast expanse of the sky and the cascading torrents of rain, symbolizes both tranquility and intensity. It embodies the ethereal quality of rainfall as it blankets the landscape, infusing it with new life and vitality.

Complementing the deep blues are strokes of vibrant yellow, reminiscent of the sun breaking through the clouds after a storm. Yellow symbolizes hope, optimism, and the promise of renewal. It serves as a beacon of light amidst the darkness, illuminating the way forward and infusing the scenes with warmth and energy.

Through the interplay of these colors, I aim to capture the dynamic interplay between light and shadow, movement and stillness, chaos and serenity. Each brushstroke is a reflection of the fluidity and unpredictability of nature, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the sensory experience of the rainfall and its aftermath.

In “Sunlit Showers,” I invite you to journey with me through landscapes transformed by nature’s elemental forces. Let the colors wash over you, like raindrops on a windowpane, and experience the profound beauty and resilience of the UAE in the face of adversity.

Sun-kissed Rainfall

Color: Blue
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