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Title: Watching over you 19

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimension: 70 x 140 cm

Year: 2020

© Maisoon Al Saleh


The story behind the artwork: 


Watching over you


Maisoon Al Saleh’s latest art series is an aestheticised representation of the human condition as experienced by almost all man kind during various stages of social distancing, quarantines, or total lock-downs caused by a global pandemic. By turning to nature as a source for her subject matter, Al Saleh continues a tradition in symbolism as old as poetry and art itself. The insects and flowers depicted in her series, such as butterflies, bees, flies, or moths, have been used as symbols for various aspects of human characteristics, emotions or even carry spiritual connotations. The square-shaped plexi glass and canvas, the main motifs are forced into a restricted space, just like people around the world had to retreat into their homes, cocooned, and eagerly waiting for the world to open up again. The colourful backgrounds of the images are just as varied as the cultural landscape of each one of us, sharing the same experience as a global community. The disembodied cat eyes floating above the naturalistic images are looking at the observer with hopeful curiosity. This questioning look of these mysterious, invisible creatures are mirroring the gaze of the viewer. What do you see? A better, kinder, more conscious future?

Watching over you 19

Color: Yellow
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